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All About Chef Jaye

Chef Jaye started her exploration of the kitchen as a child, experimenting with recipes and cookbooks, and moving on to create original meals and recipes as she grew older. 


A graduate of Shaw University and University of Maryland- Baltimore, Chef Jaye is a self taught cook with her grandmothers teachings that have shaped her cooking style. Chef Jaye is "Putting the Soul back in Food". Her food is going to leave you satisfied and "So Full", that you will come back for seconds. 


Chef Jaye is a city girl with southern roots born in Washington DC, and raised in Kenansville NC, after the death of her grandmother her father made the choice to move his family back to the city by way of Northern Virginia. She then moved on to independent efforts after working as a social worker for 5 years, to launch SOFULL CATERING LLC., in the Summer of June 2016. Chef Jaye is capable of Catering a wide range of events from dinner parties to weddings, all featuring local and seasonal ingredients from about a 175 mile radius of the city. 


Chef Jaye has a big following on her social media platforms and enjoys doing food photography, and being a social media influencer. She has done work for OWN Network and was the featured chef for the Cast of Ready To Love Season 6. Chef Jaye takes each and every opportunity as a way to showcase her creativity. 


- Chef Jaye: "Creating My Own Destiney" 

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